A Website For and About Antler Carvers

‘Yukon Seasons, 2003’ by Shane Wilson moose antler and skull sculpture (112x120x61 cm – Yukon Government Permanent Collection)

This website is dedicated to the art of antler carving. It may also be of interest to carvers of other materials (such as horn, ivory or bone) since we share many of the same tools and techniques. And the differences are sure to be instructive!

Through interviews, I hope to share the work of carvers and collectors, posting images of their sculptures and discuss things they have learned about their work: tools, techniques and marketing tips.


9 thoughts on “A Website For and About Antler Carvers

  1. I have been carving for years in my garage, sometimes wondering if I was on the right track, with no one to ask for advice or guidance. Our antler carving world is a small one … Sharing information and tips among us is a Great idea! Thanks Shane


  2. I have already learned allot about carving from this site. Thank you a lot! I am curious as to your process with the bronzes though, if maybe you could do a post on those as well including the molding process and where to send the wax to have it cast in bronze. I have this big set of mule deer sheds that would be so awesome on a bronze skull and that might make a fun project for me for my next break from college. Thanks for the help, Shane!


  3. Hello carvers!
    I need some advice…I have been carving for a while now and have decided to challenge my skills, to push the envelope like they say! Not easy to step out of your comfort zone you know! So, here is the problem …. A 3/4 view of a grizzly’s face! I know I could have picked and easier angle, but I thought, why not go for a little challenge….now I am stuck!
    Thanks, Serge


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